A312 Sim Cluster

A312 is the transitory name of a Microcontinent identified by SLGI team at Coordinates 904-996/1313-1372, Grid Sector I13, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

The area where A312 is located was considered as Unassociated Sims. In July 2015, to left and to right, sim density has decreased much, allowing some borders to be drawn. In North and South, the borders are other already identified sim clusters.

Structure Edit

A312 is made of 130 sims, placed without any mathematical order (placed at random). There are some large holes between sims. Also, in some places, sim density is increased.

Geography Edit

Since A312 is formed of grouped unassociated sims, a high diversity is expected to exist. The only way to find is by random teleporting. Moonlight Sim has mountains rising to 80 meters high, covered with permanent ice and fractured by deep holes. Mountains and hills are found also in other places.

Flat sims can also be found. If they are divided into parcels, this is done by water channels.

A traveler can find anything here: from romantic places to combat sims and from residential land to land for sale. Shops are more rare then in other places.

In many places, the sun is fixed to eternal daylight.

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by multiple estates. Depending from place to place, Land With Restricted Access can be found or not. Protected Land does not exist.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Thentis West
  • Dark Bay
  • Forestville Hills
  • Moonlight Sim

See Also Edit

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