A308 Microcontinent

A308 is the transitory name of a Microcontinent without an official name yet. Its Coordinates are 846-847/975-976, Grid Sector H9, Western Ocean.

History Edit

Based on Gridsurvey database, it looks like the microcontinent was built in 2008. SLGI team surveyed it in July 2015.

Structure Edit

The microcontinent is made of 4 sims and has a compace shape (square).

Geography Edit

A308 is an interesting place to see. Landscapes are just incredible. The sky has a unique texture, not seen anywhere else. Mountains and plateaus exist and reach an Altitude of 67 meters. Vegetation is present but not too dense, usually made of tropical trees. Buildings are rare and usually of a modern style.

A308 is a very quiet place, where travelers can go and relax.

Land Status Edit

There are no access restrictions.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Rainbows End
  • Hiera
  • Freja
  • Ananke

See Also Edit

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