A306 Microcontinent

A306 is a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 872-875/1040-1041, Grid Sector H10, Western Ocean. It has no official name.

History Edit

According to Gridsurvey, some parts of A306 were created in 2008, so it is a very old grid structure. SLGI team mapped the microcontinent in July 2015.

Structure Edit

A306 is made of 6 sims placed in a non-compact shape.

Geogrphy Edit

Most of the land resembles a Tropical Beach Paradise. There are many islands separated by water channels and rivers. In some places, high mountains (up to 50 meters) are found near the shores. However, most of the land has low altitudes, but is not flat. Some sims have more water then others. There is land for sale available.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Lily Pad Deux
  • Botanika
  • Lily Pad
  • Pipe Dream

See Also Edit

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