A299 Microcontinent

A299 is the transitory name of a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 800-803/1293-1294, Grid Sector H12, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

According to Gridsurvey database, the microcontinent was built in 2014 to 2015. It was identified by SLGI team in July 2015.

Structure Edit

A299 is made of 6 sims. It has not a compact shape and 4 of the sims are placed in a row. The microcontinent is a family estate.

Geography Edit

Land is flat and covered with grass. Except for a sim designed as a port, water does not cover much of the ground. There are many streets that facilitate access to all sims. Residential parcels are found between parcels. All buildings look like those found in a small town or in suburbs.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Safe Haven
  • Downtown Belleview
  • Riverdell
  • FrostBay

See Also Edit

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