A295 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 817-861/1281-1323, Grid Sector H12 and Grid Sector H13, Southern Ocean.

History Edit

Sims forming A295 existed since old times. However, until 2015, they could not be separated from surrounding Unassociated Sims. In July 2015, a gap was formed to North-West and North-East. This allowed the sim cluster to be separated by SLGI team.

Structure Edit

A295 is made of 80 sims, placed at random. To North it is separated by a gap without sims. To South, other more visible grid structures can be noted.

Tiny microcontinents exist too.

Geography Edit

There is a high diversity of Geographic features. Ground texture is not the same in every sim. A traveler can find many surprising landscapes.

Land Status Edit

There is a large estate in the area, but it is not alone. No major access restrictions were detected. Land for sale also exists.

Sim Examples Edit

  • The Church
  • Manta Caye
  • Hazardous Inc
  • Shadow Land

See Also Edit

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