A287 Microcontinent

A287 is the transitory name given to a Microcontinent discovered at Coordinates 799-806/1367-1374, Grid Sector G13 and Grid Sector H13, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

This huge microcontinent was discovered by SLGI team in July 2015. At such a size, it is amazing how it came to life without being noticed. Based on Gridsurvey Database, it resulted that many sims existed, even since old times. Each sim was created at a different moment. Still, they were not placed here. Previous surveys made by SLGI team have found nothing, only Unassociated Sims and small microcontinents. It is now clear that A287 was formed during late 2014 or early 2015. Currently, it has nearly 30 sims, so it is close to the limit where it will become a Continent. Future surveys will be needed to see if this will happen.

Structure Edit

A287 is made of two distinct parts. In fact, it can be considered made of two microcontinents, linked by a sim corner. The left part is made of 9 sims, 8 forming a microcontinent and the 9th one being linked by a corner. The right part, much larger, is made of 18 sims. The left part is more compact, while the right part is elongated and has a few peninsulas.

Geography Edit

All land is flat. No mountains or hills were detected during our survey. Also, terraforming is not allowed. Land texture resembles grass, except for limited areas. Water exists too. Ground altitude is less then a meter above water surface.

Construction type resembles that of a suburbia. There are many roads that provide access to all parcels. Between roads, there are square-shaped parcels made to rent. Majority of them are used, but there are enough free parcels.

Homes are available from estate owner. Also, residents are allowed to build their own home, if they respect some decency rules.

Land Status Edit

All sims are residential or created for family roleplay. Protected Land exists under the form of roads and waterways. Parcels are made to be rented, to build homes on them. Land With Restricted Access exists, but since there are many roads, it's not a problem.

There are parcels of protected land opened only for a certain group.

Sim Examples Edit

Left part:

  • Coral Reef Island
  • Starlight Grove
  • Rosewater

Right part:

  • Lakeside Falls
  • Oak Forest
  • Flora

See Also Edit

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