A282 Sim Group

A282 is the transitory name of a Sim Group located at Coordinates 720-728/903-910, Grid Sector G9, Western Ocean.

History Edit

It is not known when this sim group was created. In April 2015, SLGI team noticed about its existence. At that time, it was made of 9 sims. However, on July 7th, 2015, only 8 sims could be detected.

Structure Edit

It is made of a core of sims with mathematical disposition (to form squares), surrounded by a few distant sims.

Geography Edit

There are no or almost no mountains here.

Each sim is different. There are forests, parks, fortresses and shops. Many things are built in sky platforms. Also, there are places without access.

Sim Examples Edit

  • iyuyu
  • Weir
  • Apollonian Empire
  • Anara

See Also Edit

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