A280 Sim Cluster

A280 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 717-747/1025-1041, Grid Sector G10, Western Ocean.

History Edit

A280 is placed in the part of the grid that suffered some of the most violent changes between 2013 and 2015. The first survey conducted by SLGI team in April 2015, found a highly unorganized Continent, named Irish - Bonaire. It was divided into 3 major parts: Irish, Bonaire and Artisan. All 3 were in fact independent estates. It is not clearly known how this continent came to life, but it is clear that, together, the 3 estates offered a lot of water for sailing.

Soon after that, Irish estate moved towards Jeogeot, where it created Seychelles Subcontinent and Artisan also moved away and created two tiny microcontinents. The continent shrunk in size from over 60 sims to only a bit above 30. But even so, the remaining Bonaire part kept on growing and almost rebuilt the continent.

In 2014, for unknown reasons, a huge number of sims vanished and the continent got fragmented into small pieces. What was formed, became known as Bonaire Sim Cluster and SLGI team gave it the transitory name A231.

This sim cluster kept its position on the map for a while, just how the remnants of a stellar nebula can still be seen a long time after that star died.

But, in July 2015, things changed in a dramatically way. SLGI team found instead of a few unconnected sims, a big sim cluster. This looks very similar to what happen in April 2013, when No Access Continent vanished from the grid. On its ruins, A078 Sim Cluster was formed, far too large to be somehow linked to the original structure.

Structure Edit

A280 is formed of 61 sims, so it is the largest and most massive grid structure in its grid sector. It is composed of two types of sims:

  1. Sims with mathematical distribution (forming squares)
  2. Amorphous structures (tiny microcontinents and sim groups).

The amorphous structures don't form many microcontinents. For that, it is required that they should have at least 3 sims and be connected, so that an avatar could walk through all their sims. in fact, they are usually connected at their corners.

Geography Edit

The dominant feature is that of a Tropical Beach Paradise. Majority of sims are tropical themed, with a lot of sand covering the ground.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Peaceful Haven Isle
  • Biker Blues
  • SOLA
  • Savannah

See Also Edit

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