A274 Sim Cluster

A274 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 768-775/1242-1252, Grid Sector G12, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

The sims that form it, are very old, but until 2014 there was not a clear separation between them and the surrounding Unassociated Sims. In 2014, SLGI team proposed to consider what is now A274 as a part of A124 Sim Cluster.

Structure Edit

The sim cluster is small, made of 11 sims. Therefore, it can downgrade to a Sim Group if it loses two sims. It is currently clearly separated from surrounding unassociated sims or from the giant A124 Sim Cluster.

Geography Edit

No mountains have been detected, altitude is usually low. The only exception is a tiny microcontinent located in South - East. As sim names suggest, there are some buildings created with some Zen influence. However, this is not the case for majority of buildings and plants found here.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Zen Harmony
  • Zen Draconia
  • No Place Really
  • Caracus Island

See Also Edit

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