A260 Microcontinent

A260 is the temporary name of a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 686-692/922-928, Grid Sector F9, Western Ocean.

History Edit

This microcontinent was detected by SLGI team in June 2015. Data from [ Gridsurvey] proves that some sims are older, but still, the microcontinent, if it existed, it increased in size during late 2014 and early 2015.

Structure Edit

It is made of 23 sims, so it is one of the largest microcontinents on the grid. There are no void holes in its structure, but still some sims are flooded. Since water covers a large part, on the map, A260 can be confused with surrounding void spaces. Also, it is placed inside A102 Sim Cluster.

Geography Edit

A260 has 70% of its surface covered with water, but still it is not a Tropical Beach Paradise. Ground is covered with grass and vegetation is temperate. There are many buildings, including docks, but not beach resorts.

There is a larger mass of land in South, where parcels are connected with paths and bridges, but for the rest of the map, sailing is the best way to get across. Also, there are flooded sims and places for water races.

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by a single estate. There are many parcels for rent (majority are rented) and there is a lot of Protected Land in the form of tiny paths or large waterways.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Petrel
  • JadeSnake Island
  • Oyster Cove
  • Tobys Juke Joint

See Also Edit

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