A255 Microcontinent

A255 is the temporary name gave by SLGI team to a Microcontinent found t Coordinates 680-682/1026-1030, Grid Sector F10, Western Ocean.

History Edit

According to [ Gridsurvey], at least parts of this microcontinent were created in 2009. However, SLGI team added it on the List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters only in June 2015.

Structure Edit

A255 is a very long and sharp structure. It is made of 7 sims.

Geography Edit

A255 is made of many islands, where Water covers between 20 to 70% of each sim. What makes it very different is the fact that Altitude is very high. Many islands have mountains and in many cases mountains are high, up to 90 meters.

Land Status Edit

Land With Restricted Access was not detected. There are many protected waterways. Land is owned by a single estate.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Sierra Vista
  • Drama Libre
  • Ironia
  • Bayville

See Also Edit

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