A252 Sim Cluster

A252 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster identified at Coordinates 659-696/1011-1066, Grid Sector F10, Far West Ocean and Western Ocean.

History Edit

SLGI team surveyed the area, but never noticed the existence of a large sim cluster. In fact, during early 2015, many sims in surrounding areas vanished from the grid, resulting in a massive decrease of sim density. As a result, the remaining sims could be differentiated as a distinct sim cluster.

Structure Edit

It is formed of 68 sims, but some of them are part of smaller, inner microcontinents. Some parts have mathematical distribution (to form squares), but the vast majority are placed at random.

Geography Edit

Our survey found that ground texture varies (grass, sand, both of various types). Also, a large part of land tends to be flooded. There is a high variety of buildings. Tropical Beach Paradise was detected, but also there are many non-tropical buildings above water (including a dark roleplay shop). In some areas, forests also exist.

Land Status Edit

The land is not owned by a single estate. There is land for sale.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Sticky
  • Caribbean Paradise
  • Crystal Bay
  • Phantasien

See Also Edit

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