A239 is the temporary name of a Microcontinent found at Coordinates 548-550/1076-1079, Grid Sector E10, Far West Ocean.

History Edit

Even if it appears on a scan from summer 2014, SLGI team did not observe it until June 2015. It could be a much older grid structure.

Structure Edit

A239 is made of two distinct parts. The South lobe is made of 3 sims, while the East lobe is made of 2. Both lobes are connected only by a corner. This means they don't form a real microcontinent.

Geography Edit

South lobe appears grey on map and since visitors are not allowed there, we don't know anything about what might be found there. East lobe is made of two sims with a variety of Geographic features: mountains, rivers, waterways, islands and hills, while ground texture is green. Highest altitude in East lobe was found to be 68 meters.

Land Status Edit

The South lobe is not accessible for visitors, while the East lobe is.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Crimson Phoenix
  • Silver Shores
  • Avia
  • Terra Melanoma

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