A236 Microcontinent

A236 is the temporary name of a Microcontinent discovered at Coordinates 597-599/1356-1358, inside Grid Sector E13, North - West Ocean.

History Edit

According to [ Gridsurvey], this microcontinent is old. It was created around 2009 and since then it remained in the same position. However, SLGI team found it only in early June 2015.

Structure Edit

It is made of 5 sims, linked together in a broken row: Mawarra, Windarra, Madeley, Amarco and Amaroo. From all, Madeley is located in a strategic point.

Geography Edit

The research showed that this microcontinent is a Tropical Beach Paradise. Altitudes are low, ground texture resembles sand and water covers about half of the surface. Also, land is divided into many small islands. Vegetation is tropical and fish is also present. Majority of constructions are beach - related.

Land Status Edit

The research found that land is owned by a single estate. There is land for sale, but not in huge amounts. No Land With Restricted Access was found. Majority of parcels have visibility restrictions.

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