A199 is the temporary name of a structure on the map. A name suggestion is Science. It is composed of a Microcontinent inside a Sim Cluster and is at the border between Grid Sector K12 and Grid Sector K13. Coordinates are 1145-1151/1294-1302.

History Edit

A199 was discovered by SLGI team in 2014.

Structure Edit

A199 is made of a central Microcontinent with 9 sims, placed inside a Sim Cluster with 11 sims (8 of them are in contact with the microcontinent at their corners). 3 sims are not connected to the microcontinent in any way. Also, notable is the presence of 5 infohubs.

Geography & Land Status Edit

Land is owned by multiple teen estates, so this is a large place for learning. All sims have maturity level set to general. Sim names are very expressive about what is inside them: Genome, Nanotechnology, Medical School 2, Exploratorium, Spaceport Alpha, but also have code names, like MSKCC. All land has access granted for public, but it is indicated that your outfit is how it should be in an institution.

Visiting this place is a good and distractive way to learn. It is an excellent and amusing way to learn for your children, but also for the child in you, it is amazing.

Not only that this is a good place for learning, but also the landscapes are interesting.

Sim Examples Edit

  • National Space Society
  • Spaceport Bravo
  • National Health Service

See Also Edit

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