A197 Sim Cluster

A197 is a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates1126-1145/1237-1257, Grid Sector K12, Eastern Ocean.

History Edit

The sim cluster was discovered by SLGI team in 2013-2014 winter. At that time, it was classified as home for many institutions (ten estates).

Structure Edit

A197 is made of 53 sims, with mathematical disposition (squares). Usually, there are two void sims between each sim. Small microcontinents can be found in some places.

Geography Edit

There is a big Geographic diversity. There are very sharp mountains, hills, plains and lakes. In some parts, land is completely covered with constructions.

Land Status Edit

In some places, land is residential. In others, land is set so everyone can visit. Half of the existing sims don't allow visitors to enter. It looks like there is not a single estate corporation owning land here.

Sim Examples Edit

  • York ADERSIM
  • Virtually Dreams

See Also Edit

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