J9 sector

A179 is a Sim Cluster found at Coordinates 1168-1190/900-959, Grid Sector J9, Central Ocean, between Jeogeot and Shopping Continent.

History Edit

A179 is a sim cluster formed of Unassociated Sims. Majority of them are very old or part of very old grid structures, created in 2008 or 2009. They have been grouped into a large sim cluster in autumn 2013, even if they have nothing in common.

Structure Edit

It has 67 sims and its borders are not very visible.

Geography Edit

Geographic features vary from sim to sim. Such a high diversity is common to Unassociated Sims. The classic tropical beach paradise is more rare here and is replaced with green forests and with buildings.

There are many estates in the area, the diversity of estates is similar to unassociated sims.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Huet Paradise
  • St Metatron
  • San Sorrento Pointe
  • Fulda Gap

See Also Edit

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