A177 Sim Cluster

A177 is a Sim Cluster identified at Coordinates 1061-1082/968-995, Grid Sector J9, Central Ocean.

History Edit

A177 was discovered by SLGI team in autumn 2013. At that time, it was made of 60 sims.

Structure Edit

This sim cluster is East to Sansara and West to Shopping Continent. It is made of 60 sims. A177 has no mathematic distribution, sims are placed in a random distribution. There are a few very small microcontinents.

Geography Edit

It is a very complex place, that includes places for games, unconventional residential areas and not only. In Homely Isle there is WW II Railway, part of a large World War II combat project, including many French and Nazi buildings.

Land Status Edit

There are many estates in the area. It looks like a friendly place, almost all land has open access for public.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Sunshine Bay
  • Gaialand
  • Games Planet
  • Magick

See Also Edit

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