A166 Sim Cluster

A166 is a Sim Cluster placed West to Heterocera, at Coordinates 950-970/1017-1034, Grid Sector I10, Little Pacific Ocean.

History Edit

A166 is very close to mainland continents. In this area, large land corporations were not so powerful. When SLGI team discovered A166, it was made of 17 sims placed at random.

Structure Edit

It is made of 13 sims. In 2014, the sims were not placed in order, but in July 2015, they show some mathematical disposition.

Geography Edit

Unfortunately, almost all land is Land With Restricted Access, starting with entity orbs that become active after 2 seconds and ending with sims that have access restrictions. The only place where our team could enter is a skybox, but even from there we were ejected in a few seconds. So, no clear data exists for this sim cluster.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Deelish-ous Designs
  • Governor Island
  • Brookridge
  • Tao Gardens

See Also Edit

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