A134 Sim Group

A134 is the transitory name of a sim Group laocated in Grid Sector H8, Southern Ocean, at Coordinates 849-851/854-856.

History Edit

A134 was identified by SLGI team in autumn 2013, together with the other grid structures found in grid sector H8.

Position and structure Edit

It is West to Fairchang Continent and has only 4 sims, of black color. This place should go unnoticed in other parts of the map, but since in Southern Ocean sim density is very low, they are a visible structure of the map.

Geography Edit

This is a dark urban place, with many urban buildings, roads and graveyards. There is no Unused Land, only Inhabited Land. The buildings and objects have interesting textures.

Land Status Edit

This is a dark roleplay land for vampires, lycans and daemons, but even other species are allowed. Flying is not allowed here. Some places are restricted for avatars that don't wear a specific sign.

These sims are not owned by a single estate owner.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Mental Eclipse
  • Midnight Dreams
  • Rem
  • Dark Grove

See Also Edit

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