A124 Sim Cluster

A124 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 761-813/1260-1291, Grid Sector G12 and Grid Sector G13, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

The sim cluster is old and massive. It has been here for a long time and it can be considered a good orientation spot.

Structure Edit

This is a large sim cluster. It contains 300 sims. Majority of sims are placed in mathematical distribution (to form squares) and each two sims are separated by a void sim. It is a large structure, larger then any private-owned continent. By surface, it is even larger then any existing continent.

Geography Edit

Skyboxes exist in the area and sometimes they are surrounded by a cosmic environment.

Like all large sim clusters, there is a huge variety of sims, including tropical beaches, green hills, snowlands, wilderness sims and many unconventional sims, including fight clubs and combat sims.

Land Status Edit

The sim cluster is owned by an estate. If you decide to visit this place, beware of excesive use of entity orb teleporters. It is almost entirely a residential area.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Sinn City
  • Seducer
  • Club Ibiza
  • Treasure Island

See Also Edit

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