A122 Sim Cluster

A122 is a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 760-779/1055-1077, Grid Sector G10, Western Ocean.

History Edit

When it was identified (late 2013), only 7 sims could be clearly separated from Unassociated Sims, so A122 was listed as a Sim Group. In July 2015, another group of sims further to west could be differentiated and they were included into A122. With the new included sims, A122 became a sim cluster.

Structure Edit

With the new members, A122 is made of 19 sims. As seen on map, it can be divided into two distinct parts. The Western sims (added in 2015) are placed at random, while the Easter sims (the original sims) are almost all placed in a row.

Geography Edit

There is a big diversity of land features, of constructions and of land destinations. This is something similar to what we find in Unassociated Sims There are flat sims, tropical beaches and also hills and land covered with grass.

The fact that there are many estates in the area suggest that this sim cluster was in fact a group of unassociated sims and at some point, when surrounding sims lost density, these sims became more visible on the map.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Dvandva
  • Road To Hope
  • Stygia South
  • Palenia Estate

See Also Edit

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