A121 Sim Cluster

A121 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster identified at Coordinates 765-777/1083-1105, Grid Sector G10 and Grid Sector H10, Western Ocean.

History Edit

Because sims in North are blue, first researches did not find them. So, the sim cluster was detected later.

Structure Edit

It consists of 28 blue sims (called MultiScene Rentals, in North) and 12 white sims (called YourHome, in South).

Geography Edit

Interesting is the fact that sims in Southern part of the sim cluater are white on map, while sims in North are blue. The reason for that is that sims in South are tropical beach - themed, while sims in North are flooded. The sims in North are developed on vertical, with many rented skyboxes.

A121 is the only sim cluster where majority of the sims are submerged. However, it is not a place for mermaids.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Ivory SandsYourHOME - South
  • Twilight SeaYourHOME - South
  • Time Refuge - North
  • Dawn Refuge - North

See Also Edit

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