A117 Sim Cluster

A117 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster found at Coordinates 757-784/951-972, Grid Sector G9, Western Ocean.

History Edit

The sim cluster was identified by SLGI team in autumn 2013. At that time, it was estimated to have 40 sims. However, since density of Unassociated Sims has decreased, some nearby sims could also be included into A117.

Structure Edit

The West part of this sim cluster is more visible, sims are placed to form squares and between each two sims there is a void sim. In East, sims are placed in random and are more diffuse. There are 72 sims.

Geography Edit

Geographic features are not impressive. If there is something notable in this sim cluster, it's arhitecture of the buildings. Our survey found castles and clubs. Shops are also present.

Land Status Edit

There is a single estate owning land in here.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Area
  • Unfulfilled Dreams
  • Brando Estate
  • Relax

See Also Edit

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