A110 Sim Cluster

A110 is a temporary name given by SLGI team to a Sim Cluster. It has Coordinates 613-648/1091-1116, so it can be placed both inside Grid Sector F10 and Grid Sector F11, this places the sim cluster inside Far West Ocean. Its position is South-West to Eden Continent.

History Edit

The sim cluster might be very old, but it was detected by SLGI team only in late 2013, on the second grid scan.

Structure Edit

The sim cluster is composed of 70 sims and is very close to A109 Sim Cluster. The main difference is that sims inside A110 are more green and a bit less visible, while in A109 they are more white. Majority of the sims are placed in mathematical disposition (squares). The sims are not owned by a single estate and land shows a tendence for fragmentation.

There is also a smaller lobe to West, that some people might consider to be a separated sim cluster.

Geography Edit

Ground texture is in most cases green (but not always). Water is almost always present. Altitude is low, except for mountains created to separate parcels. In many places, land is fragmented into parcels and have many owners.

Land With Restricted Access exists.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Aston Creek
  • Woodham Falls
  • Woodloch
  • Rock Island

See Also Edit

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