A107 Sim Cluster

A107 is a Sim Cluster placed inside Grid Sector F10, Western Ocean, Coordinates 601-648/1022-1051.

History Edit

It was discovered by SLGI team in late 2013. Its position (directly West from Sansara and Heterocera and directly South from Eden Continent) made it an important place for orientation.

Structure Edit

It consists of 130 sims. Inside the sim clusters, two smaller structures can be seen: A106 Microcontinent and A033 - Ko Microcontinent.

Geography Edit

Majority of sims are tropical beach - themed, but there are some exceptions. As usually, land in Tropical Beach Paradise does not have a significant elevation.

Land Status Edit

There is not a single estate in the area.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Ravenlock
  • Blackwater Bay
  • Alluring Estate
  • Magic Lanikai

See Also Edit

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