A102 Sim Cluster

A102 is a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 655-694/906-940, Grid Sector F9, Western Ocean. It is composed of 60 sims, placed in random way.

History Edit

The sim cluster was identified on the map by SLGI team in 2013. First, it was considered a part of Dreamworld Sim Cluster, but later we found clear evidence that it has a different origin.

Structure & Geography Edit

There is a high diversity of sims and of themes. Important is the fact that a large number of sims have skyboxes (sometimes very large). The sim Flight hosts a large airport.

There is an estate that holds the largest number of sims, but it is not alone.

As for 2015, the sim cluster is split in 3 lobes: one larger in West and two smaller in East. In June 2015, it was made of 58 sims.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Coral Sunset
  • Moustique
  • Challenges

See Also Edit

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