A095 Sim Cluster

A095 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster located in Grid Sector E12, at Coordinates 525-531/1267-1274, in North - West Ocean.

History Edit

Despite being so small, this sim cluster was identified fast by SLGI team in late 2013. Until June 2015, it remained almost unchanged. In past, it was placed close to Wild West continent, which later changed its position. At that time, the sim cluster was nearly the same size with the continent. At first survey, it had 15 sims, but today it has only 10.

Structure Edit

It is a sim cluster with mathematical disposition (squares). The mathematical structure is not complete, but usually between two sims there is a gap of one sim. It consists of 11 sims. This means that, if two more sims will be missing, the sim cluster will decay to a Sim Group.

Geography Edit

Altitude is usually low. Ground texture is not the same for all sims. Constructions vary from futuristic buildings to gardens and to beach paradises.

Land Status Edit

All sims are owned by the same estate.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Japan
  • Jack
  • Luck
  • Rhizome Island

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