A088 Sim Cluster

A088 is a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 575-610/1006-1017, Grid Sector E10 and Grid Sector E11, Far West Ocean.

History Edit

The sim cluster has slowly decreased in size. In June 2015, it has extended in Grid Sector F10.

Structure Edit

It is composed of less then 20 sims. It is a sim cluster with mathematical disposition (squares). These sims offer a tropical beach paradise. Land has low altitudes, usually close to sea level. Hills are rare and some parcels are submerged. Vegetation is tropical and ground texture is sand. There are parcels with restricted access. There is a single estate in the area. A part of sims share common name DarkMyst.

Sim Examples Edit

  • DarkMyst Bayou
  • Sweet Cherries
  • LM Sea
  • DarkMyst Hollow

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