A084 (Silent) Isolated Sim

A084 (Silent) is an Isolated Sim, placed in a highly remote area. Coordinates are 518/519. It is the only sim inside Grid Sector E5. It is located in Southern Ocean.

History Edit

According to [ Gridsurvey], Silent appeared in 2008 and since then it was always online. It was a Tropical Beach Paradise when SLGI team first arrived here, in 2013. In In October 24th, 2013, a new sim, called Keng Group was created South to Silent, making it a Sim Group. Silent started to become a place for gambling. The extra sim vanished soon and Silent became again a tropical beach paradise.

Since late 2013, Silent is no longer accessible for visitors.

Geography Edit

A 084 (Silent) is the most Isolated Sim of the entire grid. It is situated in Grid Sector E5, at minimum 100 sims of void ocean away to any nearby place. A084 is a temporary name given to grid structure SLGI team, who updates List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters.

It resumes a Tropical Beach Paradise. Altitude is low, ground texture is sand, vegetation is tropical and water is found all around.

Land Status Edit

Silent is not opened for visitors, even if it was for a very long time.

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