A053 Sim Cluster

A053 is a Sim Cluster with a central Microcontinent, placed at Coordinates 1347-1358/1171-1182, inside Grid Sector M11, Eastern Ocean.

History Edit

A053 was discovered by SLGI team in April 2013. At that time, it was made of 15 sims.

A053 is an important orientation spot, because it is nearly at the same longitude with Zindra to East and somehow close to LR Sims in West.

Structure Edit

There is a central microcontinent, consisting of 6 sims. A smaller microcontinent can be seen to East, made of 4 sims. Then, other 9 sims are seen around both, like satellites orbiting a planet. Far to West, two distant sims can be also seen.

Total = 21 sims.

Geography Edit

Majority of the sims are flat. They offer a plain for building, where you can find institutions, schools and roads to connect them (and decorative vegetation).

There are a few sims that host hills and rivers (like Healthinfo Island, with maximum Altitude of 46 meters).

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by multiple estates. These are uiversities or institutions, so they are teen estates.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Eduisland 5
  • Stanford University Libraries
  • Pathways 3

See Also Edit

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