A052 Sim Group

A052 is the temporary name of a Sim Group. It is placed at Coordinates 1209-1213/1277-1279, in Grid Sector L12, Eastern Ocean. It is very isolated of other structures by intersim void ocean.

History Edit

A052 was discovered by SLGI team in April 2013. At that time, it was made of 5 sims and looked much like a crucifix. On the map, at low resolution, it looks like a white dot and it is one of the most representative features of the Eastern Ocean.

Because of this, A052 was used by SLGI team as an orientation spot of high importance. In this part of the grid, sims are very rare and sometimes with huge gaps between them. Because of this, A052 got an unofficial name: The East Cross by comparation with The South Cross visible in southern Hemisphere.

Structure Edit

A052 is made of 4 sims (instead of 5, as was in 2013). Still, it looks like a cross.

Geography Edit

All sims are heavily divided into small parcels, separated each one by an alley. Overall, their population is higher then the average population for a sim. Maturity rating is General or Moderate. Altitude is low, in fact these sims are flat. Another feature is the white texture of the ground, that gives them this white color on map.

All these sims are owned by a single estate. Land is available for sale. Protected Land is present, in the form of sharp roads between parcels. Land With Restricted Access exists, but since there are roads that allows you to go anywhere, it is not a problem.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Praia Vermelha
  • Ubatuba
  • MLBR Trindade
  • MLBR Paraty

See Also Edit

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