A047 is a Microcontinent surrounded by a Sim Cluster. Its Coordinates are 1103-1109/1119-1129, Grid Sector K11, Eastern Ocean.

History Edit

This grid structure was identified by SLGI team in spring 2013 and still remainsthe most diffuse microcontinent.

Structure Edit

The internal microcontinent is the most diffuse of all microcontinents found on the map. Central microcontinent has 15 sims, with extra 6 sims attached by sim corners. Other 9 sims are placed at some distance.

Geogrpahy Edit

This is a Tropical Beach Paradise, with many islands on each sim. There is a central channel. It is not a good place for sailing, since there are low bridges.

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by a single estate.

Sim Examples Edit

  • BeckerVille
  • Isle of Danielle
  • Woodstock Isle

See Also Edit

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