A032 Sim Cluster

A032 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster found at Coordinates 694-701/1120-1128, in Grid Sector F11, Western Ocean. It is South to Eden Continent.

History Edit

This sim cluster was identified by SLGI team in late 2013, but could not be detected at spring 2014 survey. therefore, it was considered vanished. In June 2015, it was identified again.

Structure Edit

It is a very diffuse sim cluster, almost unseparated from its nearby Unassociated Sims. So, it is hard to set clear borders. In June 2015, it was made of 28 sims. Most probably, this is a result of random sim creation and movement then the result of an estate owner's mind. Sims are different (but there is a high percent of sims with low altitude and light-colored ground texture). There are many estates in the area.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Solace Dreams
  • Oasis Breeze
  • Kanaloa Cove
  • Castaway Isle

See Also Edit

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