A023 Sim Cluster

A023 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster that can be found at Coordinates 503-521/1093-1111, in Grid Sector E10 and Grid Sector E11, Far West Ocean.

History Edit

A023 was first discovered by SLGI team in 2013, when it had 55 sims. In June 2015, it was found to have 63 sims.

Structure Edit

It is formed of about 63 sims, all placed with mathematical disposition (to form squares). There is a distance of a sim between two sims, so they are not in contact one to another. The geometrical pattern is not complete, there are a few missing sims.

Land Status Edit

Even if there are many estates in here, there is a single estate owner for the entire sim cluster. Land has diverse levels of division inside a sim. Land With Restricted Access exists, but our survey detected no sim with restricted access. Land is available for sale.

Geography Edit

Variations are from plain sims to places below sea levels and mountains (below 100 meters). Also, the types of buildings vary from a place to another. There are shopping places and residential sims. Paradise beach islands are also present.

Sim Examples Edit

  • BelleStar
  • Avon Park
  • Coral Gables
  • Malabar

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