K13 sector

A007 is a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 1155-1168/1307-1317, Grid Sector K13, Eastern Ocean.

History Edit

A007 was the 7th grid structure identified by SLGI team in April 2013.

Structure Edit

Land has a complex structure. A007 is a sim cluster that contains a few internal microcontinents, sim groups and isolated sims:

  • UTEP - 5 sims
  • UTRGV - 4 sims
  • UTHC Houston - 3 sims
  • UTT Patriots - 3 sims
  • UTPB - 2 sims
  • Unconnected - 6 sims

Total: 23 sims.

Geography Edit

  • UTEP is a place with rivers and small hills, hosting large exposition.
  • UTRGV is a flat plain with many skyboxes.
  • UTHC Houston is a flat plain, with road infrastructure and interesting buildings.
  • UTT Patriots has a more desert land, with lakes and mountains.
  • UTPB has plateaus and interesting glass buildings.
  • Unconnected:
    • UTD Comet Island - a large plain with smooth hills
    • UTArlington III - a reconstruction of Fort Alamo
    • UTMB Island Alpha - a plain with some buildings
    • Ao Palapala - no access
    • TejanoTech - a possible Maya pyramid
    • UT Austin 1 - a plain with a few bushes and rare buildings.

Total: 23 sims.

Land Status Edit

  • UTEP is linked to the Smithsonian institute.
  • UTRGV looks not to be owned by a teen estate.
  • UTHC Houston does not allow scripts.
  • UTT Patriots is linked to the univsrsity of Texas.
  • UTPB is owned by a teen estate.
  • Unconnected - different land settings.

Total: 23 sims.

Sim Examples Edit

  • UTEP Miners 1
  • UTRGV 3
  • UTHSC Houston III
  • UTT Patriots II

See Also Edit

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